VMWare Advanced Load Balancer and Multi-Cloud Application Services
Is your organization having any of the following situations or challenges currently?
The company is growing with more users on board
Frequent surge of traffic, even when total networks users are not increasing exponentially
The requirement to balance the network loads across your globally-distributed servers and data centers
Increasing requirements to virtualize your environment
The need for high availability but with lower costs, flexibility and traffic visibility

Load balancers play a vital role in any organization where productivity must remain high. A load balancer manages the flow of information between the server and an endpoint device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). A load balancer is a hardware or software solution that helps to move packets efficiently across multiple servers, optimizes the use of network resources and prevents network overloads.

Using a software load balancer provides the following benefits:

Flexibility to adjust for changing needs in the business
Ability to scale beyond initial capacity by adding more software instances manually or dynamically
Lower cost than purchasing and maintaining proprietary hardware appliances that usually over-provisioned. Software can run on any standard hardware or virtual machine, which is cheaper.
Consistent load balancing capabilities across multiple cloud environments.

VMWare Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) Intent-based Software architecture provides scalable application delivery across any infrastructure. Avi provides 100% software load balancing to ensure a fast, scalable and secure application experience. It delivers elasticity and intelligence across any environments. It scales from 0 to 1 million SSL transactions per second in minutes. It achieves 90% faster provisioning and 50% lower TCO than traditional appliance-based approach.


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